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Cake – 06.29.08

One of my favorite ladies in the world will be a grandma by the first of August. She asked me at church if I could do the baby shower cake and brought me a napkin to go by design-wise. She wanted a vanilla cake with buttercream icing to feed around 35-45 people.

I placed the cake on a board covered in purple paper to match the border of the napkins. I then divided four sections and piped the “B-A-B-Y” letters and the four background colors. I placed a smaller cake on top to incorporate the inner square on the napkin. I added purple basket-weave to the sides and piped his name. Lastly, I made the bear from colored fondant and tied the blue bow around his neck. I finished baking/decorating this cake in about 6 hours.

Congrats, Jana! We all can’t wait to meet him.


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Cake # 1 – 06.21.08

I booked two cakes this weekend which seemed to be a lot less hectic than the last few weekends, but I still ended with a total of 14 hours of baking/decorating.

The first cake was for Bailey’s First Birthday with the theme of a Luau. She wanted to feed around 25-30 people. We decided on a vanilla cake with buttercream icing overlaid with marshmallow fondant. I made a two tier cake and a small smash cake just for Bailey. I tinted the fondant a sandy golden yellow and mixed in gold luster dust so it would shimmer. I piped a grass skirt with a lai border and “Happy First Birthday Bailey”. The second tier was to alternate palm trees and flip flops.
I cut all of the designs from fondant and placed around the cake. I topped with leaves and flowers with a 1 in the center made of royal icing. I crushed up Graham Crackers and placed around the bottom of each tier to look like sand. I then tinted buttercream the same color as the fondant and iced the baby cake, placing two larger flip flops on top. I piped a B for Bailey on one and 1 on the other for her age. I sprinkled Graham Crackers on top and placed the candle in a flower. We delivered it to the bank and Hillary seemed very happy with it. So Happy Birthday to you, Bailey!

Cake # 2 – 06.21.08

The second cake was for a Baby Shower. Bre is expecting a little girl in August so we went with the theme of the baby’s bedroom – Chocolate with pink polka dots. She wanted a cake to feed 30 and 20 cupcakes to match the cake. We went for a Red Velvet Cake with buttercream icing and marshmallow fondant. I tinted the fondant a chocolate color and cut out little pink and white circles. I placed little polka dots on the cake and used the large circles to form a flower shape. I then piped royal icing as stitches around the flowers. The cake was topped with the Letter A for Amelia and placed a pink bow to match the ribbon around the bottom of each tier.

The cupcakes were Red Velvet with buttercream icing. I cut out pink circle and indented the letter A into each one and placed on top. We placed the cupcakes on two white boards with brown and pink polka dots.

The beautiful mother-to-be seemed to love the cakes. Congrats to you, Bre! We can’t wait to meet Amelia!


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Cake # 1 – 06.14.08

So I ended up booking 3 cakes this weekend. I did the first cake Thursday night and had Ben to deliver Friday and the second two cakes I did Friday and delivered Saturday.

The first cake was two 6″ single layer smash cakes for Emma’s First Birthday (One for Saturday and One for Sunday). Her theme was Care Bears and I matched the cakes to the front and back of her party invitations. I marbleized the cakes so the inside would be pink and white to match the exterior. I added basket-weave to the edges of one cake to match the pattern and added flowers to the other cake to match the flowers on the invitations. Even being so small, it took about 5 hours to complete for all the little details of piping and drawing. You’ll see two photos below her mother took of Emma demolishing her cakes. So Happy Birthday to You, Emma! Two cute cakes for the cutest little girl in the world. We love you guys.

Cake # 2 – 06.14.08

Next, I received a call from my Murray, KY cake lover, Janet. She said they were celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Deacon Joe’s Ordination at St. Leo’s Catholic Church. She stated she wanted chocolate cake with buttercream icing to feed 120 people, but she wanted me to design the cake’s theme. Since I had nothing to go on, I started thinking: Religious, Catholic, Masculine, and Deacon Joe. So I decided on a 12″ Square Cake Base with a 10″ Square Cake on top. I piped white basket-weave on the sides of the whole cake and separated the two tiers with leaves, vines and grapes. I then rolled out fondant with different shades of brown, tan and white so that when flat it had a marbleized, stained paper color. I then rolled up the top and bottom like a scroll, placed on top of the cake and piped the words. I finished it off by adding leaves, grapes and vines to surround the scroll. I delivered it to Murray today and they loved it. So many thanks to my Murray cake crew! Thanks for always giving me a creative challenge.  God Bless.

Cake # 3 – 06.14.08

Lastly, I was to do the party cake and smash cake for Emmy’s First Birthday. The theme for the party was “Paint Emmy’s World”. Her mother sent out invitations with a paint palette and a paintbrush. She requested FunFetti Cake and for it to feed 20 people. I topped it with homemade buttercream icing and homemade marshmallow fondant. Little Emmy’s cake was FunFetti with buttercream Icing with fondant accents. I don’t like to do the whole smash cake in fondant because it’s not as easy to make a mess with, which is what the baby cake is all about. I free-handed the paint palette and paint spills and used cutters for the paint circles. Next we rolled up what was left of the colors and placed little fondant balls around the cake and made a tube of paint to add to the board. I finished off the cake by piping the words with buttercream. Altogether I think it came together with a childlike graphic appearance which I was happy with. So happy Birthday, Emmy! I hope I helped to paint your world.

Yesterday I started at noon and ended around midnight and my wonderful mother stayed by my side all day and night long and then went on the delivery run with me this morning. So much love to you, Mom. You’re a trooper.


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The sister of a great friend contacted me about having a wedding on June 7, 2008 in Nashville, TN. She wanted a cake to feed around 175 people. Simple yet Elegant. So we went with a four tier round design. A French Vanilla Cake with Homemade Buttercream Filling and Homemade Marshmallow Fondant. The Satin Ribbon around the base of each tier matched the bridesmaid dresses, finished with white buttercream pearl and a Monogram topper. It took about 13 hours to complete this cake with a 2 hour delivery.

So Ben and I made it to Nashville in one piece with no accidents or crushed cakes, but I did hold my breath the whole way. We transported the two bottom tiers stacked together and the top two tiers stacked together. We did the final assembling when we got to the church. She had someone to cut and serve the cake so we didn’t have to stay but we did hear it was a hit. I’ll try and get my hands on some pictures of them demolishing the cake to post. Best wishes to the bride and groom and God Bless. It was such a pleasure getting to meet the rest of the Beard family. Big thanks to Ben for sticking by my side all day and helping with the delivery and set-up.


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Cake # 1 – 05.31.08

Kristin and Davy are to be married later in June but the Bridal Shower was set for May 31, 2008. Davy is family and Kristin has always felt like family, being the sister to a best friend, so I was really looking forward to this cake. The hostesses got together and decided to go with a three tier dummy cake to be used as a centerpiece and sheet cakes to feed 200. Her colors were green and cranberry. They wanted a fun but elegant cake to match the bride. So I designed a 3 tier square dummy cake. Each tier was separated by a 2″ round Styrofoam piece wrapped in ribbon to give it more height. I covered the 3 tiers in homemade marshmallow fondant colored green to match a swatch I was given. Next I pressed in the diamond pattern and piped the white dots. I placed a thick piece of white ribbon around the bottom of each tier so that the sheer cranberry ribbon would not fade away into the green fondant. I piped the white bead border and stacked the tiers. The florist made the topper and flowers to go between the layers.

I made four 14″ Square Sheet Cakes to feed 200. It was a vanilla cake with homemade buttercream icing. I piped a grid on the sheet cakes so they could follow a even guide for serving. In all, there was about 15+ hours put into all the cakes and the dummy cake.

I delivered the dummy and the four sheet cakes with the help of my lovely mother. And they loved it!


Cake # 2 – 05.31.08

The same day, two perfect strangers were getting married at Paris Landing State Park at the Rose Garden. A few months bake, this sweet woman called me at the office and said she was told to call me to see if I would do her wedding cake. And of course, I accepted. Always happy to accept new business and new faces. She expected around 100 guests and had a swirl design picked out with a fresh flower topper. So we went for a 3 tier round cake. It was Vanilla with raspberry filling and homemade buttercream icing. There was over 10 hours in the baking/decorating this cake.

My mother and I packed up the cake and headed to Paris Landing to set-up, cut and serve the cake. We were nervous because we had never met the couple and would be spending the next four hours with a room full of strangers.  But it was one of the most beautiful weddings, sweetest couples and welcoming guests I’ve ever seen or met. We enjoyed the experience and ended up running into a few people we knew! There were very positive critiques of the cake and its flavors, and we were both happy to have been able to be there. So many thanks to my mom for sticking by my side and best wishes to the bride and groom. God Bless.


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So it was a busy weekend.  It was my first attempt at double booking a wedding and taking on a grooms cake as well. All due on May 24, 2008

Cake # 1 – 05.24.08

Danielle’s wedding cake was to feed 150. She picked out a cake with a scroll work design, their monogram and a floral topper. It was a vanilla cake with strawberry filling and homemade buttercream icing. The scroll design I made from royal icing. It is a stiffer icing used for decorations. To incorporate the scroll and monogram on a round cakes I piped the design on a three tier round Styrofoam dummy cake and let it set and harden for 2-3 days before placing it on the cake. After the cake was assembled, I placed the scrolls and letters on one at a time and added the shell border. Lastly, I made the topper out of silk flowers and placed it on top with a few extra around the cake to tie in the color theme.

Cake # 2 – 05.24.08

Danielle also wanted a grooms cake. Adam’s favorite football team is the Washington Redskins so she wanted a sheet cake with the logo. The cake was a Vanilla/Chocolate Marble Cake with Homemade Buttercream Icing.

I cut and served the cake and appreciated the encouraging words from the feasting guests. It was a beautiful wedding and an even more beautiful couple. Best wishes to you both and God Bless.

Cake # 3 – 05.24.08

Cassie and Stevo also got married the same day, same time. She wanted to serve around 100 people. She had a 4 tier design picked out with swirls and dots. She chose a Vanilla cake with Raspberry Filling, homemade buttercream icing topped with homemade marshmallow fondant. I made the swirls with royal icing. Since it was a square cake, I piped them on a flat surface 2-3 days before the cake was assembled. I stacked the cakes with a sturdy support system, wrapped the black ribbon around each tier, placed the swirls and piped the dots. Lastly I made the topper out of silk flowers and placed a few on each layer.  We packed up the car and delivered the cake. Thankfully it was only 10 minutes down the road or else I would have stacked the cake at the reception site. But it rode safe and sound and stayed in one piece. Congrats, Cassie and Stevo! Love you guys. God Bless.

 So it was a busy weekend. There were over 24 hours put into these three cakes. But I love them all and had a lot of fun. Lots of trial and error, but everything seemed to work. I pray the Lord bless both of these couples and that He will continue to give me patience and and strength throughout the next few weeks of cake.