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Cake – 08.31.08

Our great friend, Garrett, called and wanted a birthday cake in the shape of a bee for his son’s second birthday since he is a big fan of the Bee Movie. He wanted a marble cake to feed around 20.

I began with sketches of the shapes and sizes that would build the perfect bee and serve the needed amount. I layered yellow paper on the cake board and drew on the text and bee pattern followed by cellophane. I used a football shaped pan for the body and half of a ball pan for the head. I carved away the same angle as the head from the body so they would fit together smoothly. I then iced the cake with buttercream. I mixed up yellow and black buttercream and began with the stripes on the bee’s back. To replicate a bee’s appearance, I used a decorating tip that is usually used for grass to give it a furry look. After the body was complete, I made marshmallow fondant and tinted it yellow to drape over the bee’s head for a smooth finish. I used the black buttercream to add the hair on the bee’s head and used fondant for the eyes, eyebrows and mouth. I used two spaghetti noodles dyed with black edible airbrush coloring and rolled up two fondant balls for the antennas. I then cut out wings from white fondant and attached them to the back. After pressing down the middle of the wings into the cake, I added black and yellow buttercream to the top to finish out the stripes as if the wings were coming out of the body. For the finishing touch, I added a black fondant stinger to the end. After about 5 hours of baking and decorating it was finished. And off to Erin I go to deliver. Hope you have a wonderful Bee Day, Aiden! We love you, Garrett and Heather. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of such a special day.


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Cake # 1 – 08.16.08

So yet again, I booked two cakes for the same day. But all together I finished them both in 12 hours (baking/decorating).

The first cake was a baby shower cake. The mother-to-be had a cake picked out she wanted and went with a pink, black and white color scheme. It was a two tier cake with stripes on top and polka dots on bottom to feed 30 people. She wanted the letter “M” on top for the baby girl’s name McKenzie.  She also wanted unique flavors so we did the top tier chocolate cake with cocoa chocolate buttercream and the bottom tier was strawberry cake with white chocolate buttercream. I layer both tiers in marshmallow fondant.

I began the top tier with white fondant and placed vertical stripes around the cake. I then cut a round piece of fondant and made the letter indentions “McKenzie” around the front. I then made the “M” out of fondant and let it sit for hours to harden and placed on top.

I covered the bottom tier in light pink fondant and cut out white, dark pink and black circles of different sizes and placed around the cake. After the two cakes were stacked, with the help of my lovely mother, we rolled little balls of fondant to be places around the cake. And it was complete. I took off the top “M” because it must now it must sit tight take a ride to Erin (40 minutes away). So I have my fingers crossed for a pleasant delivery. Congrats Audrey!  Thanks so much for letting me take part in such a special time of your life. God Bless.

Cake # 2 – 08.16.08

A young lady and her mother visited me at work and booked a wedding cake and groom’s cake for October. In the meantime, they wanted a 21st birthday cake for Alex to feed 10 people. He loves the armadillo cake in the Steel Magnolia’s movie so they decided to surprise him with one. The cake was to be a red velvet so it would be a true Bleeding Armadillo when he cuts into it.

I began with a football shaped cake and added a layer of buttercream icing. I then made up some gray tinted fondant and draped it on top. I cut long strips of fondant and placed 9 rows on its back then, again with the help of my lovely mother, cut tiny circle to be placed on its back as a scale-like design. I then made his tail with a thick piece of fondant and overlayed scales to the end. I made his head out of cake and draped the fondant on top, with eyes made of black fondant and ears attached with toothpicks. Lastly, I made a template for the leg/foot shape and made all four with fondant and added white toenails as the finishing touch. I was really happy with this cake. It was sick but cute. So Happy Birthday Alex! Enjoy!


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Painting And Video- 08.08.08

I have a very dear friend that ventures out of the country each year for his birthday. Being that this was his 30th Birthday, I thought I would paint him a picture not only as a birthday gift but as a character study to describe who he is to me when words cannot express. I included a letter describing each little detail in the piece and placed them where he could find them when he returned home.

The piece is about an independent young man who travels, but his destination is actually not of this world. He focuses on where the Lord leads him and the Kingdom in which the Lord is preparing for Him.


I finished the art in about 6 hours. It included pen and watercolor. While drawing/painting, I set up the video camera to capture my every move. I compiled and edited all the video and chose to overlay Caedmon’s Call’s “This World” as the song to match the piece. And Voila!

So this is for you. You know who you are. I cannot thank you enough for being such an amazing young man, inspiration and friend.