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Cake #1 – 09.20.08

I double-booked myself this weekend, but I was really excited about both cakes. One I had done something similar before, and the other was a very new idea, but challenging and fun.

I received a phone call for a thirteenth birthday cake. She liked the cake I did before with polka dots and stripes, so we went along the same lines with a 13 on top for her daughter. We went with a cherry cake with buttercream icing layered in marshmallow fondant.
I covered the bottom tier in light pink fondant and cut out white and black circles and placed around the cake. After the two cakes were stacked, we rolled little balls of fondant to be placed around the cake. I cut small and medium size pink flowers and bent them around my finger so they would pop off of the cake instead of being flat. I placed the small flowers between the stripes and the larger flowers on the very top of the cake and on the bottom tier. The 13 on top was cut from white sparkly paper and inserted into the middle of the cake. After 6 hours baking/decorating, the cake was complete. Thank you so much, Pam, for the opportunity and wonderful words we shared, and I hope McKenzie has an amazing 13th birthday. God Bless.

Cake #2 – 09.20.08

The second cake was for my dentist’s son, which so happens to be the grandson of my Murray cake lover I’ve mentioned before. They are very faithful in cake ordering and I appreciate all the ideas and fun projects they have me do. Anyway, he was having a baseball themed part for his first birthday. The wanted a baseball smash cake for Jackson and another cake to feed around 50 for the guests. So we went with two dozen baseball cupcakes and a bat to feed 25-30 people.

I began with the smash cake. It was chocolate with buttercream. I baked the cake in two small round bowls. After layer buttercream in between the layers, I covered the entire ball in buttercream and added the red stitches. I piped grass around the ball, and it was complete.

Next was the cupcakes. I baked two dozen french vanilla cupcakes and piped them all with grass. My mother and I rolled up little white balls of fondant and placed them on top of the grass. I came back with red buttercream and piped the stitching.

Finally, it was time for the bat. I began by baking a 11×15 chocolate sheet cake. I cut the cake in two giving me 2 – 5.5″x15 pieces. I placed one piece in from of the other to replicate a 30″ bat. I placed the outline of the bat on top and used a sererrated knife to cut away the excess cake. I then angled the bat to be thicker at the end of the bat and thinner at the handle. I went along the sides and carved away the sharp edges to give them a nice smooth rounded appearance. Finally, I layered hot fudge chocolate buttercream on top and was ready for fondant. I mixed brown coloring in with the white fondant, but didn’t mix it completely so that when I rolled it out, it would have a marbelized look for wood grain. I draped it over the cake and added white strips of fondant to the handle for the look of tape. I then rolled up a large piece of fondant, piped stitches and placed it by the bat. I came back with grass and piped all the way around the bat and ball. Finally, I piped his name in black buttercream on top of the bat. After 8 hours of baking/decorating the smash cake, cupcakes, and baseball bat cake were complete.  Thank you so much for the opportunity, Robbie and Mary. I hope Jackson loves his ball and has a wonderful first birthday. God Bless you all. 


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Cake – 09.13.08

Ben’s mom called me to book a cake for a lady she works with. The cake was for her twin girls and needed to feed about 15-20 people.  She wanted a chocolate cake with buttercream icing and just wanted the cake to be girly such as pink, glittery, and Barbie. With the given information, I decided to go with two Doll Cakes.

I went with a pink and white color scheme, each cake being opposite of the other. The cake bases were pink and white sparkly paper, which I would later cut their names and age from to add to the cake.

I baked two chocolate cakes in the skirt shaped pans and divided them in half to add a layer of buttercream.  I then applied the base coat of buttercream icing to each. I added a ruffle around the bottom and cornelli lace to match the same color of the icing used as the base followed by a shell border of the opposing color between the ruffles and the lace. I piped flowers around the waist, placed the doll and piped on her top. Finally I added little bows above the ruffles, and the cake was complete.

I then went to the computer and typed out the girls names and adjusted the kerning so that when I cut them out, the letters would all be attached. I printed the names and number 7 as reversed images. I cut them out and traced them onto the back of the sparkly paper. I then cut them from the card stock paper and placed the names in the dolls arms and the number to their sides. After 5 hours of baking/decorating/paper craft fun the cake was complete. Happy Birthday Britni and Kaci! I hope you enjoy. God bless.


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Graphic Design – 09.12.08

Rebecca’s little boy turns 6 in October so she asked me to do his invitations along with birthday cupcakes. Since his birthday is so close to Halloween, she decided to mix the two and have a Halloween themed party. I came up with four designs, each of which was built in layers. I used two green and black color schemes and two orange and black schemes as follows:

Design #1 – Green/Black Cat: Made up of two layers of paper. The cat was cut out and placed on top of the main page design. It was attached with a 3D dot so that it was raised up off of the invitation and wiggle eyes were attached.

Design #2 – Green/Black Ghost: Made up of three layers of paper. The black paper was the back sheet with a strip cut out towards the top where the green paper slide up into to hold in place. Lastly, the ghost was glued to the back of the strip and wiggle eyes were attached.

Design #3 – Orange/Black Spider: made up of two layers of paper. The black paper with the spider web design at the top was the back sheet with a line cut so that the orange paper slid up into to hold. A string was attached to the paper for the dangling web, along with a black button and 4 long pieces of thread for the spider legs.

Design #4 – Orange/Black Ghost: Made up of two layers of paper. The ghost and balloon was cut out and placed on top of the main page design. A hole was punched in the ghost for the mouth so that the black paper would show through. They were attached with 3D dots so that they were raised up off of the invitation and wiggle eyes were attached. A string went between the balloon and the ghost. 

HalloweenBirthdayAllSM.jpg picture by beverlydill

Rebecca ended up choosing Design #4 so I printed 30 invitations, cut out each balloon and ghost, attached all the pieces and placed in envelopes. Thanks, Rebecca for the opportunity, and I look forward to the cupcakes!

HalloweenBirthday1.jpg picture by beverlydill

HalloweenBirthday2.jpg picture by beverlydill


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Cake – 09.11.08

Even though today holds the memory of a tragic event in history, it’s still a day to celebrate. Today is Ben’s mother’s birthday which might as well be called my mother-in-law. Each year I try to make her a cake that tops the last, which I guess is my goal in each cake. So I looked around the house and noticed she has a nice collection of birdhouses, and being that her favorite color is purple, I settled on a purple birdhouse.

I started with a 10″ square French Vanilla cake. I cut the cake in four equal squares and stacked them on top of each other. I cut an angle for the roof and then separated the layers again for filling. I layered raspberry filling and buttercream between the four layers as I stacked them back up to the roof peak. I then covered the entire constructed birdhouse with buttercream. I cut strips of fondant and placed them on each wall of the house to give it a sharp corner look instead of covering the entire cake with one piece of fondant which would give it more of a rounded corner finish. After giving the house the outer shell, I added the roof by cutting circles out of dark purple fondant and layering them like shingles. After the roof was complete, I mixed Vodka and icing coloring and painted the sides of the birdhouse with a light purple and pink wash for a country/antique look. I added a black circle of fondant for the opening, piped the vines, leaves and flowers with buttercream, and inserted a dowel rod for a bird perch.

After 5 hours of baking/decorating and the lovely assistance of my mother, we had us a birdhouse. We drove all over Dover this morning in search of the perfect birds to place on the roof and the perch. Luckily, a flower shop truck arrived at a local florist for a delivery just as we showed up in the middle of our scavenger hunt, and they had a box full of the perfect little birds. So we bought us two and Voila!

Happy Birthday, Ms. Terri! I love you very much and am so happy to have you and your son in my life. God Bless you both.


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Cake – 09.06.08

A nice young woman, who previously ordered the armadillo cake and the October wedding/grooms cake for her daughter, placed another order for a baby shower cake.  She told me the cake was for her sister which lead to a funny situation because I thought the cake was actually for her sister, who I’ve always thought a lot of. So my mother and I made up a goodie bag of baby gifts for her to pick up when she got the cake. Come to find out, she wasn’t pregnant! The shower was for her friend, but we still send our love and congrats with the gift and cake to the unknown mother-to-be!
And, Heather, keep that card because one of these days you’ll need it! 🙂
But back to the cake… She had the cake picked out which made it a bit easier than sitting down and sketching out numerous options. She went with a French Vanilla Cake with Buttercream and Marshmallow Fondant to feed 20 in the shape of a pregnant belly. 
I began with a soccer pan and two half ball shaped pans. After cutting the belly cake in half, I filled it with a layer of buttercream. I carved away some of the so called “breasts” of the cake so that they would fit against the shape of the belly and into each other. I iced the cake with buttercream and smoothed over after the icing hardened a bit to give the fondant a nice smooth surface to drape over. I rolled out a large piece of fondant and placed it on top of the entire cake. I formed it to the breasts and belly and let it wrinkle around the bottom part of the cake for the dress. I then tinted a piece of fondant flesh tone and cut a triangle shape to form the cleavage. After the skin was in place, I cut long strips of white fondant for the fabric design at the top of the dress and placed on top of the cleavage. With a ruffled-edged cutter, I cut blue tinted fondant for the lacy ribbon on the top of the dress. I used the remainder of the blue fondant for the bow that was placed in the middle and the ribbons that hang over the belly. Finally, I piped buttercream around the edge of the dress and wrote “Welcome Baby Grear” above the female figure. After 4 hours of baking/decorating it was complete. I was so happy to have made something a little different than the usual baby shower sheet cake. So thank you, Carmella and Heather, for the cake challenges and, again, I’m so sorry for the mix up! This one will definately be a cake to remember. God Bless.