Cake #1 – 09.20.08

I double-booked myself this weekend, but I was really excited about both cakes. One I had done something similar before, and the other was a very new idea, but challenging and fun.

I received a phone call for a thirteenth birthday cake. She liked the cake I did before with polka dots and stripes, so we went along the same lines with a 13 on top for her daughter. We went with a cherry cake with buttercream icing layered in marshmallow fondant.
I covered the bottom tier in light pink fondant and cut out white and black circles and placed around the cake. After the two cakes were stacked, we rolled little balls of fondant to be placed around the cake. I cut small and medium size pink flowers and bent them around my finger so they would pop off of the cake instead of being flat. I placed the small flowers between the stripes and the larger flowers on the very top of the cake and on the bottom tier. The 13 on top was cut from white sparkly paper and inserted into the middle of the cake. After 6 hours baking/decorating, the cake was complete. Thank you so much, Pam, for the opportunity and wonderful words we shared, and I hope McKenzie has an amazing 13th birthday. God Bless.

Cake #2 – 09.20.08

The second cake was for my dentist’s son, which so happens to be the grandson of my Murray cake lover I’ve mentioned before. They are very faithful in cake ordering and I appreciate all the ideas and fun projects they have me do. Anyway, he was having a baseball themed part for his first birthday. The wanted a baseball smash cake for Jackson and another cake to feed around 50 for the guests. So we went with two dozen baseball cupcakes and a bat to feed 25-30 people.

I began with the smash cake. It was chocolate with buttercream. I baked the cake in two small round bowls. After layer buttercream in between the layers, I covered the entire ball in buttercream and added the red stitches. I piped grass around the ball, and it was complete.

Next was the cupcakes. I baked two dozen french vanilla cupcakes and piped them all with grass. My mother and I rolled up little white balls of fondant and placed them on top of the grass. I came back with red buttercream and piped the stitching.

Finally, it was time for the bat. I began by baking a 11×15 chocolate sheet cake. I cut the cake in two giving me 2 – 5.5″x15 pieces. I placed one piece in from of the other to replicate a 30″ bat. I placed the outline of the bat on top and used a sererrated knife to cut away the excess cake. I then angled the bat to be thicker at the end of the bat and thinner at the handle. I went along the sides and carved away the sharp edges to give them a nice smooth rounded appearance. Finally, I layered hot fudge chocolate buttercream on top and was ready for fondant. I mixed brown coloring in with the white fondant, but didn’t mix it completely so that when I rolled it out, it would have a marbelized look for wood grain. I draped it over the cake and added white strips of fondant to the handle for the look of tape. I then rolled up a large piece of fondant, piped stitches and placed it by the bat. I came back with grass and piped all the way around the bat and ball. Finally, I piped his name in black buttercream on top of the bat. After 8 hours of baking/decorating the smash cake, cupcakes, and baseball bat cake were complete.  Thank you so much for the opportunity, Robbie and Mary. I hope Jackson loves his ball and has a wonderful first birthday. God Bless you all. 


  1. your cakes are wonderful. I am interested in learning how to decorate with the fondant. What class do you know that are avaible.

  2. my parents and I were thinkin about a 13th birthday cake similar 2 the Pink tiers, but with lime grean instaed of white… what do you think the maximum price would be for it?

    thanks you can respond by emailin me girlygirls9699@aol.com

    ~Khala Scott~

  3. hello my htirteenth br=irthdya is coming up soon and i love your work i would like to know if yall could ship cakes on UPS i would be VERY GRATEFUL

  4. My parents and i were thinking about a cake from you. A two tier cake pinkand green polka dots and strips. what do you think would be the maximum prcie for that
    also i would like to know if you UPS cakes
    thanks you can respond at makayla.graden@gmail.com

  5. That baseball bat cake is incredible! What a creative and talented individual you are. I have been combing the net looking for cake ideas and this is by far the best!! Thanks for sharing! I would love to copy cat, but I’m afraid I’m just not that good!

  6. ho much is the pink white and black cake plz

  7. Hi I have a 13th birthday coming up and I love your work. The type of cake I imagined was a hot pink lime green a black two tier cake. If you could let me know if you are able to do it and whats the maximum price I would appreciate it.

    Just reply back to denisha.driver@yahoo.com
    Also do you ups cakes?

  8. Aside from the obvious, why else do you feel these are top rated bats?

  9. prices for car…


  10. […] baseball bat cake would be perfect for a party! This one from Beverly Dill is so realistic. We love […]

  11. How did you do the bat? Love this cake you did a awesome job

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