Cake  – 12.12.08

Ben’s little sister, Tessa, turned 12 this past Monday. Tomorrow she is having a skating party and wanted a green and navy blue french vanilla cake. She picked out the cake I did for prom and wanted a smaller version to feed around 30. So off to the kitchen I went.

I baked 2 – 8″ Square cakes and 2 – 6″ square cakes. I frosted them with buttercream and layed the quilt pattern stencil on all sides. I placed green ribbon on both tiers, came back with a small navy blue ribbon in the center and piped the green buttercream dots. Finally, I drew a 12 on cardboard, cut it out, wrapped with aluminum foil, and piped navy blue and green on top, and placed it in the center of the cake. After 4 hours it was complete.

Love you lots, Tessa. I hope you have a great day and enjoy the cake!

One Response to “• POLKA DOT BIRTHDAY…”

  1. hi! i love your blog!!!!! you are a constant inspiration 🙂 i am doing my niece’s 1 yr old birthday cake, and was thinking about using ribbon…but was worried about it. i always hear that it gets dark spots or something from the moisture of the frosting? i am in between using italian buttercream and american buttercream….does ribbon work better on one vs the other? or how do you even get the ribbon to stay and not ripple? any help would be soooooooooo appreciated! you are a genius!! 😛
    PS- my sis wants the cake to be *ahem* uh, hot pink and bright blue…any thoughts on making that look cool? keep it a cream base with the colored accents? or should i think of a third accent color to compliment the pink and blue? i guess she does not like pastel colors, and loves flashy colors….help please…kinda nervous about the colors….. :S

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