Cake – 06.20.09

Jennifer contacted me a few months back about doing Emmy’s second birthday cake. Last year we did the pain palette for her for the theme of “Paint Your World”. This year’s birthday theme was books with a fairy tale vibe. She went with all buttercream and a funfetti flavored cake to feed 30.

I began by preparing the boards for the cakes. I first wrapped a flat board with silver paper and then sized the book cover and folded in to the spine so that it would be lifted on the sides as if you were holding the book open to read it. I wrapped the bard in a maroon paper and placed two cardboard pieces under the sides to prop it open and hot-glued everything in place. I baked 2 rectangle sheet cakes. I placed the first on top of the opn book, filled with buttercream and then placed the second cake on top. I then card the cake into an open book shape. I mixed up buttercream so that it have blends of khaki and brown to match the antique style invitations she sent out. I piped small lines on the edges of the cake to resemble pages, a green border around the edges of the page and the lettering of “Once Upon A Time Emmy was 2” that matched the invitation as well. She wanted a fairy tale theme for the second page so Ben dre me out the outline of a castle and I piped it on the cake. I came back and piped leaves and flowers and then added sparkles to the cake. For the finishing touches, I added a silver bookmark ribbom to match the base board and sparkly wool batting to look as if the book was sitting on clouds. After 5 hours, it was complete.

Happy Birthday, Emmy! And thanks, Jennifer, once again for the opportunity. I always love to work with your creative themes. Emmy is one lucky little girl!

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