Cake – 06.30.09

Lisa contacted me a couple weeks  in regards to a cake for Jeff Knott who will be the new “Dover City Manager”. I was bookedfor the next few weekends, but since this was a weekday cake, I decided to add it in.  She wanted a cake in the shape of a Desk Name Plate to feed about 75 people.

So with this info, I took off.  To feed 75, the cake came to about three feet long.  I did half vanilla and half chocolate.  I started with 2 11×15 cakes, cut them in half, stacked, and carved the slope of the name plate  (thanks to Ben and his genius idea of creating side guides, this was a breeze).  I covered the sculpted cakes with buttercream and then with brown tinted fondant.  We hand-painted the wood grain and placed a black strip of fondant on the front.  A few days earlier, I made the gold letters out of royal icing so that they could harden and easily be added to the cake.  After all the wording was in place I rolled up gold fondant beads and placed them around the black face plate. After 8 hours baking/decorating, the cake was complete.  Congrats, Jeff!  And thank you, Lisa, for the fun cake challenge.

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