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There was something fishy going on this week.  Monday I started off with a fishing logo, followed by two  fish cakes, one on Wednesday and one on Friday.  I will post the fishing logo at a later date as soon as the final design is chosen.

Cake #1 – 09.09.09

Logan, Ben’s little brother turned 10 on 9-9-09.  He loves fish so Trina wanted a fish cake for him.

We baked a chocolate sheet cake and Ben sculpted the cake into a fish.  I coated the cake with buttercream and a thin layer of mint green fondant.  I mixed up two more shades of green and began cutting small round scales to be added to the body.  After all the scales were attached we added the fins, lips and eyes.  The ridges in the fins and tail were created by a plastic template with waves. Ben added the bubbles as the finishing touch and after 3-4 hours, it was complete.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Logan! And thanks for sharing a piece with us!  Only kind of fish I’ll eat!  Love ya.

Cake #2 – 09.11.09

Mrs. Lynn, my first employer at Riverfront, sent me an email last week for a surprise birthday cake to feed four.  Her mother’s best friend’s daughter (I believe that’s correct) was having a birthday on 9.12.09.  They were celebrating her birthday out on the lake, so Mrs. Lynn wanted a cake in the shape of the TN-Arts fish that you see on Tennessee license plates.

I baked a chocolate sheet cake and sculpted the cake in the shape of the fish. I covered the cake with white buttercream and mixed up red, blue and darker blue to be added to the cake.  I began with piping the red on the body and lips and came back with the dark blue to outline the fins, tail, eyes, lips, teeth and face.  I also used the dark blue to pipe Tennessee on the top fin. I used the lighter blue to fill in the other areas.  I finished off the piping with the white in the eyes, teeth, spots on the body and bubbles on the cake board.

I made a silver fondant fish hook  hanging out of its mouth with fishing line that created the “Hope You Enjoy Your Birthday On The Lake”.  After four hours, it was complete.

Thank you, Mrs. Lynn for the opportunity to create this fun cake.  Miss you and love you lots.


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Cake  – 08.26.09

Tessa, Ben’s little sister, had a science project to create an animal cell.  There was also extra credit available for anyone that came up with an idea the teacher had never seen before. So Tessa came to me and asked if we could build it out of cake. Why sure we could, so off to the drawing table I went.

We baked a vanilla soccer ball cake, cut out a section of the ball to display the cell’s inside components and covered it with buttercream and fondant. I came back with another piece of pink fondant and draped on top of the white to create a thin wall.  We separated the rest of the white fondant and mixed up various colors.  Tessa chose which parts were to be which color and began forming the pieces and attaching to the cake.  She came back with edible marker and added the final touches to the inside.  We made indentions in the outside of the cake to replicate a cell and added little breathing holes with the end of a paintbrush.  After 3 hours, it was complete and ready to make it’s grand entrance in science class.  And to top it all, she got 110 on the project! ‘Twas fun, Tessa.  I’m sure there will be many more collaborated artistic cake pieces made in the future. Love you, sis.