For Cakes please see the following Page:

4 Responses to “Cakes”

  1. Bevie, love the new site and the name is great! 🙂 You’ve got it going on, girl. Keep up the good work! I am so very, very proud of you.

    Love you,

  2. I absolutely LOVE the cakes you made!!They are perfect in too many ways to list so ill save you the trouble!!Hope you make more AMAZING cakes in any later occasion!!Well cya!Keep bakin those cakes and have fun doin it!!

  3. Kim Valentini Says:

    Love your site. Browsing looking for a Bumble Bee cake design. I’m making cakes for fun for my children. I am in awe of your cakes. Absolutely fantastic.

  4. Tessa Ross Says:

    hey bevie!!! Could you make me a cake by this Saturday,12-13-08
    please call my house and say if you can or not!
    If you can could you make me a cake like that 3 layer black and white one? Except it be ~2 layers,White with green lace and navy/dark blue polka dots~ LOVE YA! Please get back to me! SOON !!!

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