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Graphic Design – 12.23.08

I received a call from Jonathan Anglin about a logo package for his new business. I did a logo package for his Landscape/Concrete business in the past so I was looking forward to working with him again.

The business was titled Middle Tennessee Inventory. They work with home inventory in case of disasters for insurance purposes. With this information, I ran with what ideas I had to visually portay this business through a logo. After tweaking the design just a bit, he decided on the logo below as well as the business card and letterhead to match. Congrats and good luck on your new business, Jonathan!

MTILogo4SM.jpg picture by beverlydill

MTIbusinesscard3SMweb.jpg picture by beverlydill

MTIletterheadSMweb.jpg picture by beverlydill


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Graphic Design – 10.29.08

I had a very close group of friends. We were all in Girl Scouts growing up and we’ve seemed to keep it going throughout the years. We went from weekly meetings to camping trips to NYC & Washington, DC, etc. Most troops end around graduation, but we’ve managed to get the group together on a few occasions, As each girl prepares for a wedding, the mothers and daughters throw a Recipe Shower where we bring our favorite recipe and prepare the dishes. We give the bride-to-be a recipe box filled with our recipe cards and all the ingredients and dishes she needs to prepare the meal. After three recipe showers, we’ve finally come to our first Baby Shower. A good friend of mine suggested a Baby Book Shower. So we ran with the idea. Each girl and mother are to bring their favorite children’s book for Jess to start Baby Crutcher’s own library. At the shower, we will also present her with a bookcase to keep all of the books collected.

For the invitations she gave me scrapbook papers she used to make nursery rhyme picture frames to match the foods we’ll be eating so that I could make an invitation for all of the girls and mothers.

Since Jess is expecting a boy, I went with an all blue background card stock paper with a small white polka dot border where the next paper would be attached. I created a template to look like a library book insert where the invitation card would slip into. After designing, folding, taping an gluing the insert in place on the background sheet, I made the card look like a library card with all of the Baby Book Shower Information and slid it into the pocket. And Voila!

JessCard1.jpg picture by beverlydill

JessCard2.jpg picture by beverlydill

I love my Troop 1420 and am so happy to remain so close throughout the years. They mean more to me than anything. I love you, Jess, and am so happy to welcome a new baby boy into the clan. We can’t wait to see his beautiful face. May the Lord continue to bless your family.


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Graphic Design – 10.22.08

I was contacted a couple weeks back by one of my good friend’s mom. There was a young lady getting married that went to their church and they needed 75 invitations for the Bridal Tea they were hosting. The colors were Apple Red, Gold & Ivory.

I came up with four invitations that incorporated the colors and were based around an elegant yet young design.

Design #1– (top left) Is a 2 page design. The top piece contains the info and design and is attached to the red cardstock paper with a red satin ribbon.

Design #2– (top right) Is the simplest of the 4 designs. The info is printed on ivory paper with no design. The top border is printed onto ivory card stock and cut to fit the bottom sheet and attached with a gold satin ribbon.

Design #3– (bottom left) Is the most complex of the four design. It is made up of four layers. The bottom sheet is  ivory card stock with a red border. The second sheet is ivory card stock with text. The third layer is a strip of ivory paper with an elegant scroll-work design. The fourth later is a small square with the groom’s initial. The bottom two pages are glued together. There is two slits punched into the third layer and red satin ribbon is pulled through and then glued to the second layer. The top layer is attached with a 3D dot that lifts it up off the rest of the layers.

Design #4– (bottom right) Is a single page design with the text and red border on each side of the invitation. Then a small rectangular piece with the bride and groom’s first initials was cut and attached with a gold satin ribbon.

BridalTeaInviteKaitlyn1SM.jpg picture by beverlydill 

The ladies ended up choosing Design #3. After two evenings of printing, cutting, gluing and attaching, the project was complete. Thank you so much, Mrs. Tracy, for the opportunity! May God Bless each of you as well as the happy couple.

BridalTeaInviteKaitlyn2SM.jpg picture by beverlydill

BridalTeaInviteKaitlyn3SM.jpg picture by beverlydill


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Graphic Design – 10.05.08

I have a beautiful young lady in my Sunday School Class who is expecting her first child in December, therefore, she needed a baby shower cake and invitations. Her shower is October 26th, so it will be a couple weeks before the cake will be up to view, but she wanted to match the following magazine clipping to both the cake and invitations:

 JamieMagazineRoomInvite.jpg picture by beverlydill

I came up with three invitations that incorporated different elements of the room pictured above, such as color, polka dots and stripes.

Design #1– Pulls the striped background from the back of the blanket. It has a pink piece of card stock with baby tea details attached with two ribbons. I rounded out the corners of both sheets to give it a soft look.

Design #2 -Pulls the whole design from the front of the blanket. The background features the polka dots while the center pink sheet contains the information attached with ribbons. The corners are right angled like the blanket.

Design #3– Pulls from the border on the wall. The background is pink with the information. I designed a small strip of card stock with the polka dot design of the border and attached with ribbon.

 JamieAllInvitesSM.jpg picture by beverlydill

Jamie ended up choosing Design #2  so I printed 75 invitations, cut out design which included the shower info, punched holes, tied the ribbons and stuffed envelopes. Thanks to my lovely mother helping me thread ribbons through the holes and stuffing envelopes, I finished much quicker than doing it solo. Always nice to have her helping hands and never-ending support. Now, we’re looking forward to the matching cake!


JamieInviteSM.jpg picture by beverlydill

Congrats, Jamie! We love you and we can’t wait to meet her! God Bless.


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Graphic Design – 09.12.08

Rebecca’s little boy turns 6 in October so she asked me to do his invitations along with birthday cupcakes. Since his birthday is so close to Halloween, she decided to mix the two and have a Halloween themed party. I came up with four designs, each of which was built in layers. I used two green and black color schemes and two orange and black schemes as follows:

Design #1 – Green/Black Cat: Made up of two layers of paper. The cat was cut out and placed on top of the main page design. It was attached with a 3D dot so that it was raised up off of the invitation and wiggle eyes were attached.

Design #2 – Green/Black Ghost: Made up of three layers of paper. The black paper was the back sheet with a strip cut out towards the top where the green paper slide up into to hold in place. Lastly, the ghost was glued to the back of the strip and wiggle eyes were attached.

Design #3 – Orange/Black Spider: made up of two layers of paper. The black paper with the spider web design at the top was the back sheet with a line cut so that the orange paper slid up into to hold. A string was attached to the paper for the dangling web, along with a black button and 4 long pieces of thread for the spider legs.

Design #4 – Orange/Black Ghost: Made up of two layers of paper. The ghost and balloon was cut out and placed on top of the main page design. A hole was punched in the ghost for the mouth so that the black paper would show through. They were attached with 3D dots so that they were raised up off of the invitation and wiggle eyes were attached. A string went between the balloon and the ghost. 

HalloweenBirthdayAllSM.jpg picture by beverlydill

Rebecca ended up choosing Design #4 so I printed 30 invitations, cut out each balloon and ghost, attached all the pieces and placed in envelopes. Thanks, Rebecca for the opportunity, and I look forward to the cupcakes!

HalloweenBirthday1.jpg picture by beverlydill

HalloweenBirthday2.jpg picture by beverlydill


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Graphic Design – 07.14.08

So I received an email from a high school friend stating he needed a new flyer to advertise his landscaping business. He sent me the info and a photo of his work. The photo was beautiful, but had a washed-out sky, so I did a bit of photo manipulation and added a bright blue sky to his original photo to make it pop. I made a quick logo to incorporate the blades of grass he had used before since we couldn’t get our hands on a large quality file. We worked with three different layouts, but we went for the one below. Best of luck to you and your business, Kyle!

KyleFlyer1BlackSmBeehive-1.jpg picture by beverlydill