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Cake  – 10.10.09

Bethany contacted me awhile back about a pregnant belly baby shower cake.  I had done this particular cake design in the past so it was still pretty fresh on my mind.  The cake was to feed 20 and go with a blue/purple scheme for a baby boy.

I began by baking a soccer ball pans and two small ball pans.  Before I pushed the two small ball cakes together, I cut a straight line down the side of each one so they would press up against each other.  I cut into them again so they would follow the roundness of the belly and sit it place.

After all was cut, I covered the cakes in a thick layer of buttercream and covered with fondant. I left  quite a bit of fondant on the bottom to drape as the dress.  I colored and cut a triangle piece of flesh tone fondant and attached it to the top of the body for cleavage.  I cut strip of white fondant for the trim on the dress followed by the blue for the top ribbon trim and bow.  I used buttercream to pipe the lace on the bottom of the dress. To finish up the cake, I rolled out blue and purple fondant and cut out small flowers.  After placing them around the cake, I piped in the white dots in the center of each flower with buttercream.. After 4 hours, it was complete.

Congrats to the momma-to-be. Thanks, Bethany, for allowing me to create this cake for you guys.  Hope you enjoy.


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Cake  – 04.17.09

My high school art teacher called me awhile back and booked me again for the Prom Cake. After last year’s Paris, France theme, I was so excited to see what this year’s prom had in store. She told me it was a Winter Wonderland theme with all shades of blue with silver and purple. The gym was going to be decorated like a castle and the cake was to be places in the :dining room” of the castles with elegantly decorated tables. She left the design up to me as long as it fed 200, so I hit the drawing board immediately. I kept seeing a castle, snowflakes and sparkles. So off I went.

Days before I decorated the cake, I began the preliminary work such as preparing a castle and snowflakes. I found a wooden castle which my father so nicely painted white for me. I created snowflake designs on paper and then placed a piece of wax paper on top. I mixed up royal icing and piped over the design on paper. I created small, medium and large snowflakes that would dry for four days before the Prom.

Being that I have a new job and timing for cakes isn’t as easy, my wonderful mother and aunt baked cakes for me until I could get home. I went with a four tier design (16″-12″-9″-6″.) since it was to feed so many. I made up 10 pounds of ice blue colored buttercream and covered each tier. I stacked the bottom three tiers and placed the castle in between the third tier and the top tier for elevation and to work in the castle theme. My father drilled holes in the top and bottom of the castle for the dowel rod support system that ran through the entire cake. I then placed the silver ribbon on the bottom tier and the third tier. I piped white frost-like designs on the second and top tier, followed by darker blue cornelli lace and a bead border. I cam back with the ice blue buttercream and piped a shell border on each tier. For final touches I added the sparkle to each tier.

 As Friday came, my aunt, mother and I packed up the vehicle and headed to the High School to set up the cake. We placed blue shimmery fabric on my cake stand followed by silver sequin material. We set the cake on top and began placing the royal icing snowflakes here and there. We added the top tier and the dangling crystal topper and it was complete after 15 hours of baking and decorating.

Thank you so much, Mrs. Peacher, for the opportunity to participate in the SCHS Prom again. I love the creative themes and challenges. And many thanks to my mother, father and aunt for all their help. I couldn’t do it without you!