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Cake #1 – 10.11.08

The first of two cakes this weekend was for a friend’s son. I recently did the Halloween invitations for her and now it was time for the cake. She wanted a marble cake to feed around 30. Her son, Hayden, wanted a cake in the shape of a head of a Clone Trooper from Star Wars, as shown below, so a Clone Trooper he got.

I began with a 11×15 sheet cake and carved out the silhouette of the head. I then carved into the cake around the cheek regions so that it had a 3D appearance. I applied a thick layer of buttercream and began to smooth out the surface. I was then able to press the buttercream into the carved pieces and form smooth angles. I mixed up some black and gray buttercream and piped in the design on the helmet. Lastly I wrote his name and his age of “6” to personalize the Clone Trooper Helmet. After 5 hours baking/decorating, it was complete.

To match her invitations and decorations she had for the party, I made up a dozen strawberry cupcakes tinted orange to surprise her with. Thanks, Rebecca for the opportunity to use multiple creative skills on the invitations and cake. I hope Hayden has a wonderful birthday! God Bless.


Cake #2 – 10.11.08

I received a phone call from one of my long lost best friends. She was throwing a bridal shower for a friend that she attends church with. She wanted the cake to feed around 20 and gave me the following things to go on: feminine, golf, pink, beige/brown, beach. This young lady is said to be an amazing golfer. She is getting married on a beach with the color scheme of the wedding being beige and brown. We thought we’d work some pink into the design to give it a feminine appearance. I did a strawberry cake to add to the feminine touch and because it taste just like candy.

I began with a 11×15 sheet cake. I carved out the shape of a golf bag with two side pockets. I then baked a 8″ round cake and cut it in half, using each piece as a front pocket of the bag. I covered the cake with a layer of buttercream and placed the two front pockets on top and finished with another layer of buttercream to attach the pieces. I then made up a batch of homemade marshmallow fondant and tinted half of it beige to drape over the bag. I then mixed up some pink, pressed a quilted pattern into the fondant and placed as a accent on the pockets. I used what was left of the beige fondant and tinted it brown. I attached a strip on top and bottom of the bag, along with all of the trim down the front.

I was then ready for golf tees, golf balls, towel, flowers and golf clubs. I began with pink and white fondant to sculpt the golf tees. I then cut out little flowers using the same pink. After curling them in the palm of my hand, I let them dry while I began on the golf balls. I rolled up a ball of white fondant and used the end of a paintbrush to press the little holes into the sides. I used a rectangular piece of white fondant and draped it over the golf bag as a towel hanging out of the top. Finally, I hand sculpted the golf clubs and painted with vodka and silver luster dust. And it was ready to be put together. I began by piping little white pearls on the corners of the quilted pattern of the pink pockets. I came back with the little pink flowers and placed them around the bag with a small buttercream pearl in the middle of each. I then crushed up Graham Crackers to be used as sand for her beach theme or as a sand trap and spread it around the bag. I used white buttercream to pipe “Congrats Lindsey” and green buttercream to pipe grass around the edges and finally placed the golf balls, tees and clubs. It was complete after 6 hours baking/decorating.


Thanks, Meagan, for this cake challenge. I love you to death and am so happy to help in anyway I can. God Bless You in all you do.


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Cake # 1 – 05.31.08

Kristin and Davy are to be married later in June but the Bridal Shower was set for May 31, 2008. Davy is family and Kristin has always felt like family, being the sister to a best friend, so I was really looking forward to this cake. The hostesses got together and decided to go with a three tier dummy cake to be used as a centerpiece and sheet cakes to feed 200. Her colors were green and cranberry. They wanted a fun but elegant cake to match the bride. So I designed a 3 tier square dummy cake. Each tier was separated by a 2″ round Styrofoam piece wrapped in ribbon to give it more height. I covered the 3 tiers in homemade marshmallow fondant colored green to match a swatch I was given. Next I pressed in the diamond pattern and piped the white dots. I placed a thick piece of white ribbon around the bottom of each tier so that the sheer cranberry ribbon would not fade away into the green fondant. I piped the white bead border and stacked the tiers. The florist made the topper and flowers to go between the layers.

I made four 14″ Square Sheet Cakes to feed 200. It was a vanilla cake with homemade buttercream icing. I piped a grid on the sheet cakes so they could follow a even guide for serving. In all, there was about 15+ hours put into all the cakes and the dummy cake.

I delivered the dummy and the four sheet cakes with the help of my lovely mother. And they loved it!


Cake # 2 – 05.31.08

The same day, two perfect strangers were getting married at Paris Landing State Park at the Rose Garden. A few months bake, this sweet woman called me at the office and said she was told to call me to see if I would do her wedding cake. And of course, I accepted. Always happy to accept new business and new faces. She expected around 100 guests and had a swirl design picked out with a fresh flower topper. So we went for a 3 tier round cake. It was Vanilla with raspberry filling and homemade buttercream icing. There was over 10 hours in the baking/decorating this cake.

My mother and I packed up the cake and headed to Paris Landing to set-up, cut and serve the cake. We were nervous because we had never met the couple and would be spending the next four hours with a room full of strangers.  But it was one of the most beautiful weddings, sweetest couples and welcoming guests I’ve ever seen or met. We enjoyed the experience and ended up running into a few people we knew! There were very positive critiques of the cake and its flavors, and we were both happy to have been able to be there. So many thanks to my mom for sticking by my side and best wishes to the bride and groom. God Bless.