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Cake  – 04.17.09

My high school art teacher called me awhile back and booked me again for the Prom Cake. After last year’s Paris, France theme, I was so excited to see what this year’s prom had in store. She told me it was a Winter Wonderland theme with all shades of blue with silver and purple. The gym was going to be decorated like a castle and the cake was to be places in the :dining room” of the castles with elegantly decorated tables. She left the design up to me as long as it fed 200, so I hit the drawing board immediately. I kept seeing a castle, snowflakes and sparkles. So off I went.

Days before I decorated the cake, I began the preliminary work such as preparing a castle and snowflakes. I found a wooden castle which my father so nicely painted white for me. I created snowflake designs on paper and then placed a piece of wax paper on top. I mixed up royal icing and piped over the design on paper. I created small, medium and large snowflakes that would dry for four days before the Prom.

Being that I have a new job and timing for cakes isn’t as easy, my wonderful mother and aunt baked cakes for me until I could get home. I went with a four tier design (16″-12″-9″-6″.) since it was to feed so many. I made up 10 pounds of ice blue colored buttercream and covered each tier. I stacked the bottom three tiers and placed the castle in between the third tier and the top tier for elevation and to work in the castle theme. My father drilled holes in the top and bottom of the castle for the dowel rod support system that ran through the entire cake. I then placed the silver ribbon on the bottom tier and the third tier. I piped white frost-like designs on the second and top tier, followed by darker blue cornelli lace and a bead border. I cam back with the ice blue buttercream and piped a shell border on each tier. For final touches I added the sparkle to each tier.

 As Friday came, my aunt, mother and I packed up the vehicle and headed to the High School to set up the cake. We placed blue shimmery fabric on my cake stand followed by silver sequin material. We set the cake on top and began placing the royal icing snowflakes here and there. We added the top tier and the dangling crystal topper and it was complete after 15 hours of baking and decorating.

Thank you so much, Mrs. Peacher, for the opportunity to participate in the SCHS Prom again. I love the creative themes and challenges. And many thanks to my mother, father and aunt for all their help. I couldn’t do it without you!


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Cake  – 11.08.08

I met with a couple earlier in the Spring about a November wedding. She had many ideas for the cake so we sat and went through designs and photos until she came up with the perfect cake. We met one more time to decide on sizes and grooms cake design and finally we were all set. Since her wedding colors are red, gold & ivory, she went for an ivory four tier wedding cake with roses between each tier and gold detailing. The grooms cake was to be a Chocolate lovers dream, two tiers of chocolate cake with chocolate ganache poured over top dripping down the sides with a monogram design on the top that was used in their invitations. Both cakes were to feed 296 People.

Cake #1
I began with the Grooms cake. Because the top monogram design was to be made of royal icing, I made it up a couple nights in advance. I piped the design with icing and let it sit 24 hours to harden. I then covered it with gold luster dust and it was complete.

The Grooms Cake was to feed 62 people, being two tiers (8″ & 10″).
8″ – Chocolate Fudge Cake with Hazelnut Filling
10″ – Chocolate Fudge Cake with Hot Fudge Chocolate Buttercream

After frosting both cakes with brown tinted buttercream, I made up the chocolate ganache. I poured the ganache on the 10″ and let it drip down the sides. Next, I placed the dowels in the bottom tier and one long one to go through the middle of both tiers. I lowered the top tier onto the bottom and then poured the remaining ganache on top. As the ganache hardened, I piped a buttercream bead border around the cake. Finally I placed the royal icing monogram design on top and the Grooms Cake as Complete.


Cake #2
The wedding cake was to feed 234 people and be 4 tiers, including many different flavors:
10” : Apple Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Filling (saved for anniversary cake)
12” : French Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Filling
14” : Yellow Cake with Chocolate Fudge Buttercream Filling
16” : Apple Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Filling

I began by piping a “dam” of icing around the center layers of the the cakes. This was to keep the different fillings from flowing out into the outer icing. After all the filling were included, each cake layer was put together and iced with ivory buttercream. I then placed a different stencil to each tier and piped gold buttercream detailing. After all the accents were finished, I placed quite a few dowels in the bottom three tier cakes for support since they would have 3″  between each tier and so much weight to hold. The separator plates and columns were then added to the top of the bottom three tiers. Finally, I piped a golden border to the base cake. After 16 Hours Baking/Decorating the cake was complete and ready for transport.

We lined the car floor with a non-slip runner and a large foam mat. We placed three wedding cake tiers on the foam and held the grooms cake since it was two tiers and the wedding cake topper. As we arrived in Clarksville at the Riverview Inn, we set up the Grooms Cake on its desired table and began stacking the wedding cake tiers on its own table. After the four tiered cake was put together, I piped the gold border on the top three tiers and began placing the red roses between the tiers on the separator plates as if each tier was floating on a bed of roses. After placing the roses on the top tier it was complete. Special thanks to Tim for helping us with the roses. You’re awesome. Also, major thanks to my mother and father and Ben for helping with the cake, delivering and setting up.

Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Hopson! It was such a pleasure meeting you and working with you on such a special cake. I pray the Lord Bless you both with an incredible marriage and many happy years to come.


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Cake – 07.26.08

Margaret contacted me earlier this year about doing her wedding cake. She wanted it to feed around 200, be multi-colored with luster dust and be an off-set square cake. So I drew up a few sketches and went for a simple yet elegant cake with a bright fun look. She brought me the color swatches and topper which was a Willow Tree Angel. When she delivered these to me earlier this week, she showed me a photo of her fiance’s mud bog truck and wanted me to do a grooms cake that matched it. Without thinking, I quickly agreed because there always has to be a first time for everything and it seemed like a fun challenge.

The cake was french vanilla with a strawberry filling and buttercream icing covered in homemade marshmallow fondant. The cake was to alternate pink and yellow with angled tiers. I made up a batch of fondant for each color and placed on the four tiers. I used pink, yellow, and white luster dust to add shimmer to the cakes. I then added the white dots to the yellow tiers and an elegant scroll design to the pink tiers where the corner of the tier above it would be placed. I placed a white satin ribbon with accented ribbon in the middle and added royal icing pearls as a base border. I then took the remainder of fondant and shaped bows to be placed on the corners of the first and third tiers. I stacked the bottom three tiers and left the top tier off until we arrived at the church just to be safe.

The Groom’s cake was Chocolate with buttercream icing. Ben helped me sculpt the mud bog truck from cake. After getting it just right, we placed it in the freezer to toughen up the cake before applying the buttercream icing. We then followed up the buttercream with fondant. I hand painted the truck black and cut out the windows, grill with logo, bumper, license plate and tail lights from different colors of fondant. I then piped Just Married on the back glass, Chevy on the tailgate and Gregg on the license plate for their last name. We took Oreos and covered them with black fondant. I then made treads on the tires by adding a  pattern with a knife. I piped grass around the mud bogging hole and placed the truck on top. I flatted down the mud and grass behind the tires as if it were tracks where the truck had travelled. I then used the remainder of the brown buttercream to smear “mud” on the tires and truck.

After 20 hours total (6 hours baking, 8 hours decorating wedding cake, 6 hours decorating grooms cake) it was finally complete. It took four of us to deliver the cakes to the church. My mother and I went back later last night to cut and serve the cake. The cake was to feed 200 and there were well over 250 guests there. We believed Jesus worked a miracle because we still had cake left at 10 PM when the guests began to leave. But we had a great time and enjoyed a beautiful wedding. Congrats Margaret and Mitchell. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to play a part in your special day.

To my helpers: Ben you are an amazing sculptor and I look forward to the many projects to come. And Mom, you’re still a trooper. Thank you for sticking by my side and supporting me in what I love to do. God Bless.